Seeing is believing. Toledo Time Capsule is an entertainment experience so real that you will feel it in your bones, so magical that takes you to places you’ve never been; so different that you will not just look at a screen and will be part of the action. Behind there is a high-tech world: propietary software, architecture, and state-of-the-art technology.

What is it?

Toledo Time Capsule is a one-of-a-kind business and so far it does just exist only in Spain, besides being a pioneering project in the city.

A multisensory artistic show that can be enjoyed permanently. The projection combines technologies such as videomapping, holograms, laser and wind. The original soundtrack, special effects and enveloping design, among others, takes visitors through time and invites you to understand the message contained in this town: The Coexistence between cultures.


For the production of Toledo Time Capsule we have used the latest technology available in the market. An impressive LED net runs along the deck with an area of 70 square meters, five projectors Panasonic HD convert images into artwork, holography, surrounding screens that cover the entire room to recreate a sense of 360 degrees, laser effects, video screening, artistic lighting, filming live audience of integrating them in the projection, surround sound system, smoke machines, olfactory recreation and video mapping, plus a soundtrack that makes the viewer shudder.