Understand Toledo via a multisensory show that guides us through the history of the city. This is an experience with the latest technologies to understand Toledo from its first settlers to the present. Toledo Time Capsule places special emphasis on the example of coexistence among its inhabitants. This is the reason why Toledo is known worldwide as the City of Three Cultures.

Come and enjoy an innovative show that has no equal in Spain. Experience a new way to discover the city. Submerge yourself in Toledo Time Capsule and in the City of Three Cultures.

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The ticket to Toledo Time Capsule also includes the visit to the Museum Victorio Macho for the same price.

After watching our show, visitors can enjoy a fascinating museum and the best views of the city from the emblematic Tarpeian Rock.

Three for the price of one.

  • We loved it! Espectacular. The kids come out super happy. A recomendable expirience. Different, fun and didactic.We will return because you leave with a desire for more. And surely the second time around you catch all the detail. I also have to say that the staff is extremely attentive and nice. Thank you for a very enjoyable experience in Toledo.

    Alicia M.
  • The last time we came to Toledo we did not see anything like this and it was a pleasant surprise. The Tourist Office recommended us to visit this place. When you are tired of all the walking and hills, you appreciate getting into the Time Capsule to relax and hear of the history of the city in a special way. The message is clear, it is understandable at all levels and leaves a good impression. The technology is innovative and surprises you (I was especially impressed by the the sense of smell machine) and the location is unbeatable.


    Alicia L.
  • “Toledo Time Capsule is the a must see attraction!! No visit is complete without a 25 minutes of unforgettable ride in the Time Capsule exploring the city of Toledo and the meaning of La Convivencia… don’t leave the city without watching it…”

  • I think it is a very interesting and surprising show. I encourage everyone who visits Toledo to see the Toledo Time Capsule.

    Nieves M.
  • Great for rest and recreation. Moreover, if you go with children. It feel too short.. I’m not into much of this type of attractions, but the truth is that we were tired and wanted to do something that would not lead to drinking in a bar or getting children in another boring building. This place surprised us. Besides the views are fantastic.

    Dawn D.
  • “An amazing show to enjoy the history of Toledo with the 5 senses. The visit is complemented with the best views of Toledo. Attention of the staff is a 10.”